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Nothing is permanent in this world, not even your problems.

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July 2018

The Beginning

Through years of research, feedback, trial and error we felt confident enough to release out first product, "Herp Eraser". As we all know, their are tons of products on the market that make false claims with unrealistic results just to get you to buy their product. Our mission and intentions are the complete opposite.

We wanted to ensure our products will make an IMPACT in peoples lives. By doing so we hosted a giveaway of a year supply to 20 clients at a clinic in NYC.

January 2019

Months Later..

During the timespan of 6-12 months, only 8 out of the 20 clients cleansed their system from the virus. Anyone would be excited, because that means the product works right ? No, we were not pleased with the results and that left us in questioning.

After surveying all of the clients, we’ve noticed the 14 clients that weren’t cured didn’t follow our instructions, nutrition plan and advice while using the supplement. They relied solely on the product and did not make any lifestyle CHANGES. 

February 2019

Ebay, Amazon & RealDealPacks

We released our products for sale online and it was an immediate success. However, the Eraser Supps team was still not satisfied with results because we aim to make an impact in every single customer that uses any of our products. 

We've heard your request of coaching and training however we couldn't offer these services until we were certain that it serve your purpose GUARANTEED.

November 2019

Lets do this together.

Fast forward to today, we completely revamped and upgraded everything. We’ve sold thousands of bottles, however only hundreds are getting the results they wanted. It is completely understandable that some customers want to rely solely on the supplement. Although, their is no magic pill that will get you results without you putting in other efforts. The concept of fixing this issue is similar to the gym. Sometimes we need a trainer to give us that motivational push, or to inform us on things we didn’t know.

To SOLVE your issues we now offer coaching that will monitor your data and be at your assistance 24/7. Including a personal diet, physical activity regimen and much more. 




"Nothing will work unless you do."


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eBay customer

Herp & Toxin Eraser

"I've been using the toxin and herp eraser for 9 months now. I feel more energetic. I got tested 7 months in and came back negative. I will continue to use the product to prevent anything come back. God Bless You I owe you a MILLION !

eBay Customer

Herp Eraser

My cousin recommended me after he came back negative. I hope to get the same results wish me luck!

Kiesha Gayles

Toxin Eraser / Etsy Customer

Let's see what happens I've heard good reviews😁

RoseAllure Louis

Toxin & Pain Eraser / Etsy Customer

I got it! Super fast delivery! Thank you so much! Im on my 3rd month it gives me so much energy !

Marco Vargas

Eraser Coaching

On my 3rd month and just bought the coaching package I def need extra guidance looking forward !

Ashleey W.

Herp Eraser / Amazon Customer

Saving up for the coaching. I think the extra push will help. So far so good

Anonymous Customer

Herp & Pain Eraser

It's my first month and ive been sh***ting like crazy is this normal?